重新破裂 Re-rupture
單頻道錄像裝置 Video installation

In 1995, there was a human-shape balloon on the top of Chongxing Bridge in Taipei, and there was also the attempt of suspending all kinds of items in the air, such as washing machine, boiling hot pot, the statue of Chiang Kai-shek, and sex doll, trying to crash them to the ground. But the plan failed eventually; nothing was destroyed. Before everything started, it ended because of the self-explosion of the human-shape balloon. The same year under Chongxing Bridge, there was also a large scale fight. The people present there that day slashing each other with iron rod or sashimi knife. When we found the people invovled, however, they told us it was actually a fight between political factions.
Re-rupture assembles two seemingly unrelated historical fragments: "People's Taxi riot" and "Taipei Breaking Sky." I invited Chen Wan-yin to write the script, and also invited five drivers who participated in the fight at the time to return to the event site, while hanging a guitarist Li Na-shao on the top of Chongxing Bridge to play music.

Re-rupture from Hsu Che-Yu on Vimeo.


尋找蘇萬欽 A Letter to Su Wanqin

The photo in A Letter to Su Wanqin originally was the souvenir photo of Chen Wanyin’s grandfather. This is a kind of technology popular in the 1970s. People can choose the pictures that have already been painted in the photo studio and then synthesize the photo by clipping figure’s headshot. Due to the production method, the same body and background will appear in different families’ souvenir photos. “Su Wanqin” is the first same souvenir photo from Internet. Mr. Su Wanqin, 103 years old now, is a witness of Taiwan history who participated the war in China as a Japanese soldier when he was young and now is the oldest Nationalist Party member alive. I found the history memory from the beginning of family photo of Chen Wanyin. The artist copied the letter written by Chen Wanyin to Su Wanqin and showed it with the souvenir photo without figure’s headshot.



麥克風試音:致信黃國峻 Microphone Test: A Letter to Huang Guo-Jun
單頻道錄像 Video
The Microphone Test series is named after writer Huang Guo-Jun’s work Microphone Test. Two months before Huang committed suicide, he wrote an essay in epistolary style titled“To Mother,” in which he expressed his intention to kill himself to his mother. The writing style is filled with black humor and expressive quality, but he killed himself two months after he wrote this letter, and he did not leave any suicide note. 
Microphone Test: A Letter to Huang Guo-Jun is a video letter to Huang Guo-Jun. Through conversations with Huang’s works created before he died, the letter depicts private family memories of three good friends, and attempts to portray what in fact belongs to my, or perhaps everyone’s memories through the memories of these others. Or perhaps, what is important is not whose memory it is, but the process that memory is constructed and viewed. I invited Yuan Zhi-Jie, Chen Liang-Hui, and Lo Tien-Yu to go back to the event site, and reenvisioned their memories in front of the camera. Eventually, I substitute the people in the video with animated figures drawn in lines, in accordance with my past creative methods, and leave only the background shot by the camera.
Chen Wan-Yin cooperated with Hsu Che-Yu as a co-creator on “Microphone Test”, mainly serving as the scriptwriter and voiceover of the film.


Microphone Test: A Letter to Huang Guo-Jun  麥克風試音:致信黃國峻 from Hsu Che-Yu on Vimeo.

Microphone Test_exhibition recording from Hsu Che-Yu on Vimeo.


無姓之人  The Nameless Men
輸出、錄像、雕塑、空間裝置  installation


歎煙花與三味線Sighing Flowers and Shamisen
八頻道錄像、空間裝置  8 channel projections, installation

Phrases are picked out From Taiwan Jiu Shi Tan (Taiwan Old Tales) by Lin Dongchen first published in 1979 April 15th and films are shot in the location mentioned in the book. In this book, the author depicts Taiwan during the times of Japanese occupation from second hand information. I have never been through those period, hence for me they only exist/non exist in a elusive and ghostly form, but always on my mind.

Sighing Flowers and Shamisen_3 minutes preview from Hsu Che-Yu on Vimeo.


1970年11月11日 November 11th, 1970.
錄像 Video
There was a news about building a statue of Chiang Kai-shek at Zhongshan Park in 1970. I return to Zhongshan Park, and the fictitious spirit is summoning me. 

November 11th, 1970. from Hsu Che-Yu on Vimeo.


黑色大理花 The Black Dahlia
輸出於棉紙 print onto a cotton canvas
45x45cm * 30

There are 30 drawings in this work, and each one corresponds to a real news event. Most of the events are murder cases. I wrote down the committed date and place near by the drawings, the imagined drawing based on news content.


完美嫌疑犯 Perfect Suspect
五頻道錄像 5 channels


 I go to the scene of a crime to take photos or draw, and place a fictitious couple to act as victims.

Perfect Suspect_ 3 minutes preview from Hsu Che-Yu on Vimeo.


輸出於棉紙、監視器螢幕、錄像裝置 print onto a cotton canvas, with a CCTV monitor screen and video recording devices


The male and female characters re-create daily events in an architectural space. Through a CCTV-like monitor, the artist tries to create visual sensations in ordinary events.

Day-to-Day_Extract from Hsu Che-Yu on Vimeo.


大事件景觀4 Breaking News of Spectacle 4
燈箱裝置 Latern Installtion

This is a more expressionistic work by Hsu, who here places his focus on the recent “contagious panic”. What arouses panic is not the event itself, but the interface.

大事件景觀 劇場版

大事件景觀劇場版Breaking News of Spectacle 5 (Feature film)
print onto a cotton canvas, with a CCTV monitor screen and video recording devices


The artist arrives at the scene for footage, or searches online about the location of the event, or simply re-creates the scene based on the photo appearing in the newspaper, and depicts the event from a first-person angle of the “main character” in a fictional or diary style. Using his fictional characters, he tries to compile different kinds of events into a grand but abstract story.


大事件景觀1 Breaking News of Spectacle 1
大事件景觀2 Breaking News of Spectacle 2
輸出於棉紙 print onto a cotton canvas


The artist finds several news stories on domestic violence and illustrates the events in great detail. But in retelling the story, events become unrecognizable, with only an explanatory interface left.


許哲瑜Hsu Che-Yu
Hsu Che-Yu was born in Taipei in 1985.Earning his master’s degree from the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts. Hsu Che-Yu works as an artist who primarily creates animations, videos and installations that feature the relations between media and memories. What matters to the artist is not simply the history of events traceable through media, but also the construction and visualization of memories, be they private or collective.
Solo Exhibition
2017 “Re-rupture”, a.m. space, Hong Kong
2016 “No News from Home”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China
2015 “Microphone Test”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 “Microphone Test  PART 2”, Nunu Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 “Hsu Che –Yu x Yuan Zhi-Jie Strategy Guide”, howlspace, Tainan, Taiwan
2012 “The Nameless Man”, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 “Yuan Zhi-Jie”, Society for Arts and Technology, Montreal, Canada
2012 “Event Topology” , VT ARTSALON, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 “The Nameless Man”, Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 “Search for Halo”, Association of the Visual Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 “Breaking News”, SLY art space, Taipei, Taiwan
Group Exhibition
2018 “Spain Moving Images Festival 2018”, Matadero, Madrid, Spain
2018 “BANGKOK BIENNIAL”,Cinema Taipei, Cho Why, Bangkok, Thailand
2018 “Rencontres Internationales”, Forum des Images, Centre Pompidou, Carreau du Temple, Paris
2018 “Rencontres Internationales”, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
2018 “International Film Festival Rotterdam, Bright Future Short”, Netherlands
2018 “Osmosis Audiovisual Media festival” , CCI Fabrika, Moscow, Russia
2018 “Art Basel, Hong Kong – Encounters”, Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema, Hong Kong
2017 “Negotiating the Future- Asian Art Biennial”, National Taiwan Museum, Taichung, Taiwan
2017 “All the Light We Cannot See”, Sonje Art Center , Seoul, Korea
2017 “Broken Spectre”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 “Spain Moving Images Festival 2017”, Matadero, Madrid, Spain
2017 “EXiS, Experimental Film And Video Festiva, Digital Break”, Sonje Art Center , Seoul, Korea
2017 “Holland Animation Film Festival, Expanding Animationl”, Utrecht, Netherlands
2017 “China ReMixed”, Indiana University, The Media School, loomington, United States
2017 “Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival”, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Xiamen,China
2017 “Video Asia”, Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
2017 “ifva Festival”, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2017 “Digital Break”, Touring exhibition, United Kingdom
2017 “The Aftermath: The Lift of Martial Law”, LIANG GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 “Mystery Cases in Contemporary Art”, Kaohsiung Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2017 “Dream Team of Kaohsiung Awards and Its Four Challenges”, Kaohsiung Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2017 “DATA DREAMS”, Goethe-Institut China, Beijing, China
2016 “BRIC-á-brac”, TODAY ART MUSEUM, Beijing, China
2016 “You Are Not Alone”, Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong
2016 “Public Spirits”, Center for Contempoary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
2016 “Time Test: International Video Art Research Exhibition”, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
2016 “VOLTA”, Pier 90, New York, United States
2016 “Transition of Times”, Kaohsiung Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2016 “Sailing in the Dark Cave: The Historia Naturalis of Sino Art”, LIN & LIN GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 “Got it-not yet”, Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 “Taipei Art District Festival”, Neihu Civic Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 “When the comics involved in society”, The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2016 “Detective”, The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2015 “Familiar Otherness: Art Across Northeast Asia”, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2015 “Moving Image Istanbul”, Kuleli Building, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 “Language is a Virus”, Ilam Campus Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand
2015 “CAFAM • Future”, K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong
2015 “CAFAM • Future”, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
2015 “Visions and Beyond: The Second Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale”, OCT LOFT, Shenzhen, China
2015 “GAMENOT OVERYET”, Fuzhong 15 ANIMATION & STORY GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 “Duang”, PATA Gallery, Shanghai, China
2014 “NordArt 2014”, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany
2014 “Uncleam Project”, SomoS Art House, Berlin, Germany
2014 “Artshow Busan 2014”, BEXCO, Busan, Korea
2014 “Animamix Biennale 2013-2014 Rediscovery”, MOCA Shanghai, Shanghai, China
2014 “Animamix Biennale 2013-2014 Rediscovery”, Academy of Arts & Design Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
2014 “ART 101 showcase project”, Escents Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 “Trans-allegory –Highlights of New Media Arts from the Museum Collection”,  National Taiwan Museum, Taichung, Taiwan
2013 “N-Minutes Video Art Festival”, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shanghai, China
2013 “N-Minutes Video Art Festival”, chi K11 art space, Shanghai, China
2013 “Are we working too much? ”, Eslite Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 “GAS STATION VI”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China
2013 “inToAsia: Time-based Art Festival 2013 – MicroCities”, The Queens Museum of Art, New York, United States
2013 “Dying Eyes”, Community Art Space, Hangzhou, China
2013 “Dying Eyes”, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
2012 “Dying Eyes”, Schmiede, Austria
2012 “Shanghai Biennale Special Project: Zhongshan Park Project”, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China
2012 “Taiwan Biennial”, National Taiwan Museum, Taichung, Taiwan
2012 “SOHO IN OTTAKRING”, Vienna, Austria
2012 “Ambiguous Being”, tamtamART, Berlin, Germany
2012 “Ambiguous Being”, Kav16 gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2012 “Taoyuan International Animation Expo”, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2012 “Model-Event Plan A”, K’s Art space, Tainan, Taiwan
2012 “Model-Event Plan B”, SinPinPier - Absolutely Art Space, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2012 “Sincere Subversion”, VT ARTSALON, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 “Perceive”, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 “ARTchSO Video Festival”, Rennes, France
2011 “News Studio” , Hong-Gah Musem, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 “FLU-FATIGUE video screening”, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 “Hero Raising Simulation” , Association of the Visual Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 “A Spark of Lights” ,New Urban Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 “Fairy Tales, Moon, and the Runaway Spoon”, SOKA Art Center, Tainan, Taiwan
2011 “Damn It, It’s The World Wonder”, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 “Hidden Story”, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 “Phantom Generation's Drawing Impulsion”, Stock20 main exhibition space, Taichung, Taiwan
2010 “The Development Records”, SinPinPier - Absolutely Art Space , Kaohsiung,Taiwan
2010 “Hide”, K’s Art space, Tainan, Taiwan
2016 Annual Grand Prize, Taishin Arts Award 14th, Taiwan
2011 Kaohsiung Award, 2011 Kaohsiung Fine Arts Award, Taiwan
2011 The Gold Medal of New Media Art, 2011 Nation-Wide Award, Taiwan
2010 Taoyuan Creation Award, The 8th Taoyuan Creation Award,Taiwan
2017 《重新破裂》,a.m. space,香港
2016 《沒有來自家的消息》,Vanguard Gallery,上海,中國
2015 《麥克風試音》,台北市立美術館,台北,台灣
2015 《麥克風試音第二部分:母親的信》,Nunu Fine Art,台北,台灣
2013 《許哲瑜x袁志傑 完全攻略本》,齁howlspace,台南,台灣
2012 無姓之人》,關渡美術館,台北,台灣
2012 袁志傑》,SAT科技藝術中心,蒙特婁,加拿大
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2011 《無姓之人》,台北數位藝術中心,台北,台灣
2010 《尋覓那光暈痕跡》,視盟藝文空間,台北,台灣
2010 《大事件景觀》,新樂園藝術空間,台北,台灣
2018 《2018西班牙動態影像藝術節》,馬德里屠宰場藝術中心,馬德里,西班牙
2018 《曼谷雙年展:影像台北》,Cho Why,曼谷,泰國
2018 《相遇國際錄像藝術節》,巴黎電影影像中心,龐畢度中心,Carreau du Temple,巴黎,法國
2018 《相遇國際錄像藝術節》,世界文化中心,柏林,德國
2018 《鹿特丹國際影展》Bright Future Short單元,鹿特丹,荷蘭
2018 《滲透影像媒體藝術節》,俄羅斯文化產業藝術中心,莫斯科,俄羅斯
2018 《香港巴塞爾藝術展-光映現場》,香港藝術中心電影院,香港
2017 《看不見的光》,善宰藝術中心,首爾,韓國
2017 《2017西班牙動態影像藝術節》,馬德里屠宰場藝術中心,馬德里,西班牙
2017 《亞洲藝術雙年展─關鍵斡旋》,國立台灣美術館,台中,台灣
2017 《破身影》,台北市立美術館,台北,台灣
2017 EXiS 實驗電影節》,數位間歇單元,善宰藝術中心,首爾,韓國
2017 《荷蘭國際動畫節》Expanding Animation單元,烏特勒支,荷蘭
2017 China ReMixed》,印第安納大學媒體學院,布盧明頓,美國
2017 《集美‧阿爾勒國際攝影季》,三影堂攝影藝術中心,廈門,中國
2017 《亞州錄像展》,Casal Solleric,帕爾馬,西班牙
2017 ifva 獨立短片及影像媒體節》,香港藝術中心,香港
2017 《數位間歇─台灣動態影像英國巡迴》,Glasgow, Nottingham, Brighton, Exeter, Leicester,英國
2017 《大內藝術節-解/嚴:台灣當代藝術面對戒嚴與解嚴》,尊彩藝術中心,台北,台灣
2017 《一個都不放過:當代藝術中的推理事件》,高雄市立美術館,高雄,台灣
2017 《高雄獎夢幻隊與四道戰帖》,高雄市立美術館,高雄,台灣
2017 《數夢時期》,北京歌德學院,北京,中國
2016 《另一種選擇:第三屆今日文獻展》,今日美術館,北京,中國
2016 You Are Not Alone 我與你同在》,油街實現,香港
2016 《公共精神》,烏維雅士都城堡當代藝術中心(CCA),華沙,波蘭
2016 《石匱夜航——華人的藝術博物學》,大未來林舍畫廊,台北,台灣
2016 《時間測試:國際錄像藝術研究觀摩展》,中央美術學院美術館,北京,中國
2016 VOLTA國際當代藝術博覽會》,Pier 90,紐約,美國
2016 《時代的位移》,高雄市立美術館,高雄,台灣
2016 《大內藝術節-日出的悸動》,內湖公民會館,台北,台灣
2016 《當漫畫介入社會-當代藝術特展》,駁二藝術特區,高雄,台灣
2016 《將至的腦補》,台北數位藝術中心,台北,台灣
2016 《偵探劇》,駁二藝術特區,高雄,台灣
2015 《文化碰撞:穿越東北亞》,香港藝術中心,香港
2015 《伊斯坦堡影像藝術博覽會》,Kuleli Building,伊斯坦堡,土耳其
2015 《語言是一種病毒》,Ilam Campus Gallery,基督城,紐西蘭
2015 《獨立動畫雙年展》,華僑城創意文化園,深圳,中國
2015 CAFAM未來展》,K11 Art Foundation,香港
2015 CAFAM未來展》,中央美術學院美術館,北京,中國
2015 GAMENOT OVERYET 電玩藝術特展》,府中15動畫故事館,台北,台灣
2015 Duang》,八大畫廊,上海,中國
2014 NordArt 2014》,卡爾舒特藝術中心,比德爾斯多夫,德國
2014 《不潔與禁忌》,SomoS Art House,柏林,德國
2014 《釜山藝術博覽會》,BEXCO,釜山,韓國
2014 《動漫美學雙年展》,上海當代藝術館,上海,中國
2014 《動漫美學雙年展》,清華美院美術館,北京,中國
2014 101藝術櫥窗計畫》,伊聖詩台北101形象概念店,台北,台灣
2013 N分鐘影像藝術節》,OCT當代藝術中心上海館,上海,中國
2013 N分鐘影像藝術節》,chi K11藝術空間,上海,中國
2013 《浮世寓境—新媒體藝術典藏展》,國立台灣美術館,台中,台灣
2013 《我們是否工作過量?》,誠品畫廊,台北,台灣
2013 2013亞洲時基:新媒體藝術節》,紐約皇后美術館,紐約
2013 《加油站6》,Vanguard画廊,上海,中國
2013 《瀕死之眼》,杭州共同體藝術空間,杭州,中國
2013 《瀕死之眼》,中國美術學院,杭州,中國
2012 《瀕死之眼》,Schmiede,奧地利
2012 《上海雙年展特別展:中山公園計劃》,上海當代藝術博物館,上海,中國
2012 《綠盒子:重繪形貌—媒體現實的空間》,天鴻美和院文化藝術發展中心,杭州,中國
2012 《台灣美術雙年展》,國立台灣美術館,台中,台灣
2012 SOHO IN OTTAKRING 》,維也納,奧地利
2012 《曖昧的存在》,鳳甲美術館,台北,台灣
2012 《曖昧的存在》,Kav16 gallery,台拉維夫,以色列
2012 《曖昧的存在》,tamtamART,柏林,德國
2012 《桃園國際動漫大展》,桃園展演中心,桃園,台灣
2012 《「模型-事件」移地計畫A》,Ks ART當代藝術空間,台南,台灣
2012 《「模型-事件」移地計畫B》,新濱碼頭藝術空間,高雄,台灣
2012 《不頑之抗》,VT ARTSALON非常廟藝文空間,台北,台灣
2011 《有感》,台北當代藝術中心,台北,台灣
2011 《新聞製片場》,鳳甲美術館,台北,台灣
2011 ARTchSO Video Festival錄像藝術節》,雷恩,法國
2011 《流感疲勞》,台北當代藝術中心,台北,台灣
2011 《英雄養成計畫》,視盟藝文空間,台北,台灣
2011 《一瞬之光》,都峰苑接待會館,台北,台灣
2011 《童話故事、月亮,與逃跑的湯匙》,索卡藝術中心,台南,台灣
2011 《糟了!是世界奇觀》,關渡美術館,台北,台灣
2011 《光巷生活藝術改造計畫》,寶藏巖國際藝術村,台北,台灣
2010 《影像世代的繪畫衝動-學院現象瞥見》,20號倉庫,台中,台灣
2010 《顯影記-塵埃落定後的披星戴月》,新濱碼頭藝術空間,高雄,台灣
2010 《藏》,Ks ART當代藝術空間,台南,台灣
2016 《台新藝術獎》,年度大獎,台灣
2011 《高雄獎》,高雄獎,台灣
2011 《全國美術展》,新媒體類金牌獎,台灣
2010 《桃源創作獎》,桃源創作獎,台灣