A Letter to Su Wanqin

尋找蘇萬欽 A Letter to Su Wanqin
相紙 Photography

This work is a cooperation with my long-time collaborator, screenwriter Chen Wan-Yin.

This work based on a special tradition in the history of photography in Taiwan. The photo in A Letter to Su Wanqin originally was the souvenir photo of Chen Wan-Yin’s grandfather. This is a kind of technology popular in the 1970s. People can choose the pictures that have already been painted in the photo studio and then synthesize the photo by clipping figure’s headshot. Due to the production method, the same body and background will appear in different families’ souvenir photos. “Su Wanqin” is the first same souvenir photo from Internet. Mr. Su Wanqin, 103 years old now, is a witness of Taiwan history who participated the war in China as a Japanese soldier when he was young and now is the oldest Nationalist Party member alive. I found the history memory from the beginning of family photo of Chen Wan-Yin. I copied the letter written by Chen Wan-Yin to Su Wanqin and showed it with the souvenir photo without figure’s headshot.

Later on, Chen Wan-Yin got a letter in reply from the son of Su Wanqin. The son wrote on his father’s behalf to expose the condition of the old man’s late life. They built a relationship as short-term pen pals.




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